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It is the Dawn of the 20th age… Kind still murders Kind in pitiless war.

Scholars agree the last age has ended. An age of betrayal and upheaval. Signs and omens point to a new age beginning, what wonders await our world, will this finally be an age of peace? Or will war, destruction and misery once again flow from the gods onto the races of the Kind.

The Last Emperor of the Kamal Valley Kingdom died with no clear heir. Factions of new gentry rose and fought for control, disgruntled Vassals refused to bend knee under De Jure claims by Nobles no more established then the vassals in question. In several decades, the kind that formed the Confederation Republic that gave rise to the great Empire of Kind since the Dragon Wars turned the cradle of new life on the surface into undead plagued bog of swamps and violent marauders. All while would be kings scheme and march armies of Kind in brutal clashes that destroy generations.

The Guilds that thrive in the Republic and Empire now find themselves in a struggle for survival, believed to either traitors or spies for their cosmopolitan. The Wizard guild balances between overwhelming demand and fear of being wiped out, for past crime. The Explorator guild seeks to move out of the Valley as quickly as possible without looking like they are in fact fleeing for their lives.

Meanwhile in The Emerald Forests the old Elven King dies in a mysterious accident. Less than a day later, the king’s young toddler daughter was crowned by the King’s Regent. Soon sweeping reforms were past changing the nature of the conservative stance of the Elven for industrial progress. Many objected to these changes. Especially when Regent invited the Drowii to the Courts of the Eternal, even going so far as to allow one of the Lothi Witches to educate the young Queen. The Elves splinter those loyal to the Eternal Crown, and those rebels that refused the new regents rule. The civil war wages in a slow burn of high profile assassinations, violent skirmishes and crack downs.

The Dragonborne continue to build themselves away from their former thrall-hood under the dragons, but little has changed from the way the lived and worshiped, even after 500 years. They are still viewed by many to be nothing more than Dragon Cultist Slaves.

The races of the little folk are some of the few not to suffer under the new order of being sky cloaked again. They live as the almost always have now living in the Hilly regent of the northern most part of the valley.

Countless kind wander the desert of the Flaming Waste of Bone. The last resting site of many of the last true dragons. Their blood still burns the ashy soil that swirl around scorching desert. The Bones of the dragon still are in high demand by many guilds.

While the Dwarves seek to claim what was left ash and dust to time in the past, the send expeditions to the north to the Peaks of Tears along the Coast of Sorrows. The place where the Dragon first attack the greatest of Delver Crypt Cities. They hope to find something other than the names that the reigns now hold. Led by the Explorator Guild, they seek a past that may be more terrible than simply sadness.

It is here that we begin our tale…

Home Page

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