The halfing are one of the few Kind that have come out of the Dragon Wars more or less how they started. They never build great empires. They were tiny, seemingly unimportant and yet, many choose to underestimate them. It is somewhat funny that several Dragon Slayers should hail from such a tiny race.

Halfling talk of the farm expanse known as the Shire that was where they lived before being driven to the Dwarf Fortress. It was said to be a quiet hilling reign of winding hills that the Halflings dung into and made into homes and farming fields. Like any pre-fortress living its hard to tell how much is true. The Halfing were one of the few races that didn’t suffer learning to live underground and could be said to take to almost as naturally as the Goblins, Orcs and Dwarfs.

Halfing as a phase is something of an insults given to the Halfings by Orcs, being the shortest of Kind. Orcs who raided the Halfing lands where lead by an unknown Orc warlord, who laughed at the “half of a weakling” trying to defend their lands. Often the Militia forces, for the Halflings rarely field a military before the Dragons, were captured and the warlord would make two halfing into a proper whole, by forcing one to stand one another and having them fight all manner of creatures. This is where the folk hero Roberd Tooks comes from. After fighting for nearly a whole year, crops were coming to haverst and man militias wanted to go home because they could just pay the Orcs tribute, those suffering the worst of it knows they need something. So on Saint Yondalla day, Roberd marches to the enemy camps in full armour and demands the right to fight the warlord in one on one combat, when the warlord refuses, Roberd calls him a coward to not face a wee little haling. Orc Pride hurt, the warboss agrees, and even lets Roberd have the first shot. Roberd blessed by Yondalla that day, cleaves the orc in two with his magic blade. Calls the dead Orc a halfing fool, and then tells the warhost to march into the sea. They do so, but that’s another story.

As the story captures the halfings in essence it also explains why the halfing.


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