Who and What are the Kind


The Kind you ask?

The Kind are us, we are Kind. Mankind, OrcKind, Elvenkind, Dwellerkind. We are the Kind. Maybe we are not kind kind but we are Kind none the less. The race of the Kind are the inheritors of the World.

The name naturally has its ancient root in something of the People of the Being by the Elder Races, but we are the races that now most populate the world. Of course there are others race, even monster races but they are not Kind.

For a race to be considered Kind it must meet several requirements.

  1. Came to prominence after the gods left the world.
  2. Have a Language that other Kind can speak without magic.
  3. Be able to use the same magic as Kind
  4. Have the Common Intelligence.
  5. Interact with the Gods through the Dreamscape.
  6. Reproduce with other Kind.

Some races meet some of this categories but not all, these races are the Near Kind. Races that cannot are not Kind races.

Came to prominence after the gods left the world

This might be strange to you, but once the Gods were not some vague presence barely felt in the world, they lived here with us. Before the Fifth Age, the Age of Ascension the gods lived as part of mortal lives. Mortals being the other race to come after Void was created and then trapped in the cracks of reality. But many of these races, the Old Races and Elder Races both know the gods and lives with them, working and worshiping them equally.

Kind came later after the Gods Ascended to the planes of beyond reality. Our discount from the gods, our creation from wild magics and without outside forces has shaped us into completely different beings than any other race, this bond of living in a world where we can question if the gods are even real, without knowledge that they directly created us marks us to each other and to the other races.

Have a Language that other Kind can speak without magic.

You cannot speak Dragon, unless you’re a Dragonborne.

Most Kind needs some drastic change to speak other languages of the Elder and Old races and even then it’s hard and it barely understood.

Kind though can learn each other’s language without much difficulty, comparatively, took me years to learn Drowii.

Dragonbrone as created by the Dragons themselves created them to speak both Kind language and their own, though Dragons can always tell when Dragonborne speak.

Be able to use the same magic as Kind

Kind use magic either stolen from the gods or learn from wild magics of the world. As a result Kind magic is unique in that most other races can’t perform it or learn how to create the magical engers of our magic not without some care and artificial process.

The stolen magic of Wizards is strange in that its twist to be use by being that are not magical themselves. This is one of the reason Dragon magic is so different from Wizard magic.

The magic learned from the wild magic is strange and difficult to control. It’s less control and more shaping the world

Have the Common Intelligence.

This point is hard to clarify, because Kind and Intelligence is an oddity. After all a dog has intelligence, and can outsmart even manipulate its owner. That, however, is not what we mean.

In essence its about asking if we can understand the ideas of each other progenitors. Can we relate to the art, fiction and history of other kind can we emote with it. Do the stories we tell our same kind resonate with other Kind. Kind almost universally can.

Interact with the Gods through the Dreamscape

Reproduce with other Kind

Who and What are the Kind

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